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Reviews en Ervaringen over High Times

High Times

Coffeeshop Hightimes: de coffeeshop ligt in het hart van Haarlem in de Lange Veerstraat, een van de oudste straatjes van de stad, omgeven door restaurants, bar’s en clubs met de Grote Sint Bavo- kerk en het Teylermuseum om de hoek.

De coffeeshop bestaat sinds 1985 en is een van de 1e shops in Haarlem Een moderne hippe trendy coffeeshop die een zeer gevarieerde klantenkring trekt. In coffeeshop High Times zijn 3 dingen belangrijk . Kwaliteit, klant-vriendelijkheid en de sfeer.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Boere Jongens

Boere Jongens

Boerejongens - The Best Amsterdam Coffeeshop and Dispensaries

Boerejongens is regarded as one of the best Amsterdam Coffeeshop & Dispensaries. Due to it's ability to deliver high quality products to its customers.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over 1eHulp


Coffeeshop 1ehulp

This coffeeshop based in Amsterdam is considered one of the best by many people...
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Abraxas


The name Abraxas is originally derived from a classic children’s story; The Little Witch by Otfried Preuuler (1961). In this children’s book the little witch and her loyal talking raven called Abraxas shared adventures and laughter throughout, he was her loyal companion. When the first coffeeshop opened, the vision was to create a peacefuland beautiful place. A place where people could come together to talk, laugh, enjoy and feel save, like the little witch and Abraxas did.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Baba Coffeeshop

Baba Coffeeshop

Baba Coffeeshops
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Reviews en Ervaringen over BabaCoffeeshop


Baba Coffeeshop Amsterdam
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Barneys


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Reviews en Ervaringen over Best Friends

Best Friends

Twenty years ago two Best Friends decided to open a safe haven for smokers in the east part of Amsterdam. On the Molukkenstraat they started coffeeshop Best Friends. Everyone from the neighbourhood came over and bought that good gear. Everyday was fun and soon the good word spread. The vibe, the quality and prices were the best in town and soon coffeeshop Best Friends was found by every ‘amsterdammer’. Snow White was the main product and everyone new where to get it.

The costumers grew in numbers and nowadays Best Friends is known far, far out of Amsterdam. 3 years ago Best Friends opened
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Reviews en Ervaringen over BestFriendsAmsterdam


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Reviews en Ervaringen over BlueTomatoHoorn


Blue Tomato
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Coffeeshop Ibiza Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Ibiza Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Amsterdam - Coffeeshop Ibiza Amsterdam

The Best Coffeeshop with 120m² Smoking Lounge. You can smoke our products in our smoking lounge with more than 70 seats. Order a drink and relax in Ibiza.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Coffeeshop Johnny

Coffeeshop Johnny

Coffeeshop Johnny - One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Johnny is one of Amsterdam's original coffeeshops. We've been passionate about providing our clients with the best quality products since 1991.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Coffeeshop Popeye

Coffeeshop Popeye

Popeye Coffeeshop - Amsterdam -

Coffeeshop Popeye is well known by many as the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam and for that matter probably the world
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Reviews en Ervaringen over CoffeeshopClubMedia


Coffeeshop Media / The No.1 Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

The best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam - Coffeeshop Club Media - De Pijp Amsterdam
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Reviews en Ervaringen over CoffeeshopPapillonAmsterdam


Coffeeshop Amsterdam - Coffeeshop Papillon Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Papillon Amsterdam, the legendary coffeeshop Amsterdam. Looking for a nice Coffeeshop Amsterdam!? Don't look any further!
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Reviews en Ervaringen over CoffeeshopRuslandAmsterdam


CoffeeShop Rusland | sinds 1975 - HomePage
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Dampkring


Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam: Original Dampkring Amsterdam. Dampkring Amsterdam is situated in the Handboogstraat 29 in Amsterdam. A High quality selection on the menu and a friendly atmosphere make you feel welcome.

Years of growing up in the City of Amsterdam makes us knowledgeable of what goes on in the most beautifull city in the Netherlands. We decided to share that knowledge with everyone who is interested, and wants to know what is going on in the Amsterdam Coffeeshop scene. We ourselves are cannabis enthousiasts and enjoy good quality smoke and fine surroundings, therefore we made
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Reviews en Ervaringen over De Blue Tomato Coffeeshop

De Blue Tomato Coffeeshop

De Blue Tomato Coffeeshop - Hoorn

De Blue Tomato Coffeeshop in Hoorn is een van de beste Coffee Shops in Noord Holland. Wij kiezen ons menu met de grootste zorg en verkopen alleen het beste.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Easy Times Coffeeshop

Easy Times Coffeeshop

Easy Times Coffeeshop Amsterdam - 18+ Welcome

Easy Times Coffeeshop - One of the best in the town! Prinsengracht 476, Amsterdam. Very close to the Leidseplein. Everybody above 18 y.o. welcome!
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Grasshopper


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Reviews en Ervaringen over GreenHouse


Green House Coffeeshops Amsterdam | The World's Leading High!
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Reviews en Ervaringen over GreyArea


Grey Area - Amsterdam number 1 coffeeshop

Grey Area Amsterdam Coffeeshop is famous all over the world. Also known for the great selection of Bongs that are there for your smoking pleasure!
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Reviews en Ervaringen over HappyFeelingsAmsterdam


CoffeeShop Happy Feelings - HomePage
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Katsu


Katsu Coffeeshop & Galerie

Katsu Coffeeshop & Galerie, Amsterdam.
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Reviews en Ervaringen over Prixd'Ami


Prix d'Ami
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